September 28, 1986 ~ December 2, 2005

We Love You Forever & Miss You Till Heaven, Sweet William!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Missing Will...

~ Missing Will ~
Your 26th birthday has come and gone...
Yet it doesn't seem that it could have
really happened again without you
being here to share it with us.
We miss you so much William!
Our very own little brown boy...who was
not quite so little anymore at all!
I can't say enough how very much we miss you!
Mere words are just not could
they be with all of the precious memories and the 
19 years you were with us.
I wonder where your cousins & friends are now?
What are they doing with their lives?
How much would you have changed by now?
What would you be doing?
We only know how very much we miss our
Only Beloved Son until we can meet again!
Hugs Forever, Pepe & Mums
We'll love you forever & miss you till heaven!
Forever in our Hearts
Forever Young
Forever with Jesus
Forever Will!

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  1. I saw your car in Yuba City today and found your blog.

    It made me think of my next door neighbors whose daughter was one of 28 students killed in 1976 Yuba City High School bus crash.

    She left behind two older sisters besides her parents. Our families have stayed in touch over the years.

    The parents both died in 2005. It was somewhere near that time that one of the daughters commented that when they lost their sister it was as if they lost their parents as well. After the accident, the parents' world seemed to revolve around the child that was lost and not the two that were still alive.

    I am not suggesting that you forget your son but I hope that you don't let his memory keep you from living joyfully and always appreciating your husband and daughter.

    Lloyd Leighton


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