September 28, 1986 ~ December 2, 2005

We Love You Forever & Miss You Till Heaven, Sweet William!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To YOU in Heaven, Sweet William!

I love you Sweet William....I just love you so much and miss you more than words can say ~ Today is your birthday and you would have been 24 years old today....I wonder how tall you would have been by now? Would your looks have changed very much? I can only imagine that you would have only gotten more handsome as each day passed.
We are going through some really hard times right now and for them to be happening on your birthday is just awful...but we are all trying to remember the good times, the fun times...the crazy times...the happy times and there were more of those than anything else...beautiful golden memories that can keep us in these times of trouble and during your birthdays and holidays and on the awful anniversary of the day you went missing and all those days of searching that followed and then the shock and numbness and pain of what happened after that...But Today....TODAY is your birthday...and we celebrate the life you lived to the fullest...your extreme vibrant life and how you made each moment count~ We love you tons and bunches to eternity and back again and then some more! I love you with all of my heart and soul...and miss you more than I can say...Charlotte and your Dad and all the rest of the family and your friends miss you too, lil brown's Just YOUR Day and we will celebrate with a release of 24 balloons filled with messages of love and memories of you...because it is YOUR BIRTHDAY  and we LOVE and MISS YOU so very much our dear Sweet William~ Happy Birthday to you in Heaven my must be better than any birthday you ever had here on earth...of that I'm sure.
Loving you forever until we can meet again!
Pepe, Mums, Charlotte and Josh

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