September 28, 1986 ~ December 2, 2005

We Love You Forever & Miss You Till Heaven, Sweet William!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Your Life-Song Sings To Me

Your Life-Song Sings To Me!
I dreamed a dream last night...
I saw a place that looked like it could be heaven, Will, but you could not see me. Heaven did not seem like what I expected...You know...clouds in the sky, angels with harps. It was a city though...A beautiful city. Of course there were golden streets. There were mansions. There were beautiful flowers and trees. Everywhere the eyes could see, there was more beauty than
I had ever imagined possible.

That was when I saw you William...You were sitting at the feet of Jesus. He held out his hands to you...that was when I noticed in the palms of his hands there were horrible nail scars...Oh they looked brutal and ragged. But he showed you the scars, And this is what he said to you, "William, my son, I received these scars willingly for you...Because my love for you knows no bounds. I knew that with the scars on my body and the blood that I shed, I would be able to purchase your salvation...These scars allow you to be here in heaven with me forever...But now I have a job for you to do. I want you to join our heavenly orchestra. I want you to make music like you only dreamed of being able to play down when you lived on earth."
He then led you to the center of heaven where there was a magnificent huge courtyard that was right before the throne of the Almighty God. It was there I saw musical instruments of every imaginable kind and some I have never seen before...There were already many people playing...He showed you to your very own special spot that he had been saving just for you.

He placed you there and then he laid his nail-scarred hands on your head and blessed you to play in heaven's orchestra..."Play my son," he said, "Play with all of your heart and soul...Play like you have never even dreamed of playing before. Your music will be to worship the Almighty God, The Prince of Peace, The Everlasting Father...
Because when you play with all of your heart for me in Heaven...I will also be sending comfort to your loved ones that were left behind who miss you so very much...Your Life-Song will sing to them in the darkest times of their sadness. It will bring them hope of that beautiful tomorrow when you will all be with me here in Paradise...all together once again!"
With these words from the Prince of Peace, my dream was coming to an end as William joined in with the heavenly orchestra and began to play the most beautiful heavenly music I have ever heard...

I just wish I could hear it every day...But now I can think about this beautiful dream and know that William is playing up there in Heaven with all of his heart and soul before the King of Kings...and that The Prince of Peace is using that music to bring comfort to we who are left behind...William's Life-Song sings to us...until we meet again in Heaven.

Your Life-Song Sings To Me!

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