September 28, 1986 ~ December 2, 2005

We Love You Forever & Miss You Till Heaven, Sweet William!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missing My Only Beloved Son

My heart is broken ... I cannot sleep tonight.
Memories of the past fill my mind, the
happy days when our son was still alive
and with us...Holidays, when we were
all together and chain of our family love
was not broken. My heart cries in silence
while I try to smile for my
beloved husband and daughter.
I miss my son with all my heart and soul.
 Nothing can ever heal the hurt is
a scorching, hot pain that will never
leave me.
I will love you always,
my sweet William.
Every moment with you were with
us is saved in our hearts, every single
memory is a priceless treasure.
I love you always, with all my
heart. I will never have peace again
until we are all come together
again in heaven with our
Heavenly Father...all of our family
together once more...
only this time it will be forever.

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