September 28, 1986 ~ December 2, 2005

We Love You Forever & Miss You Till Heaven, Sweet William!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Blog Post From William's Friend on 12/5/05

I found this blog that was posted by one of William's friends from the very day we found William after four days of searching for our only beloved son...The shock is still unreal...the loss unbearable...without the Lord to help us I know we would not be here today....Please help us to pray that we can make it throughout this coming holiday season and the anniversary of the accident...December 2nd through the 5th...the day he was finally found.....We miss our son...our lil brown boy....our Sweet William beyond what mere words can say....I love you so much Will....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo mums

Blog Post From one of William's Friends dated: Monday, December 05, 2005

R.I.P William Vincent Alexander Reynolds

Current mood: numb, and sad, and shocked beyond belief

Category: My Friend is Gone

Articles From NEWS 10:
Missing Roseville Teen Killed in Car Crash, Coroner Confirms:
The body recovered from a submerged car late Monday afternoon was that of 19-year-old William Reynolds, the Nevada County coroner confirmed today.
Reynolds' family, extended family, numerous friends, as well as detectives with the Roseville Police Department had been searching for him in the areas between his home and his workplace and were in the area near Lake of the Pines nearby when the car was found by Cal Trans workers. The family was told by the California Highway Patrol that they could not go to the accident site due to the severity of the crash and the car being found submerged under eight feet of water in a tributary of the Bear River. Traffic was snarled for several hours while the CHP and the Nevada County Sheriff's Department's dive rescue team responded to the scene.
Relatives reported Reynolds missing to the Roseville Police Department on Friday afternoon. He was last seen at about 6:30 Friday morning when he left his residence borrowing his girlfriend's blue Chevrolet Camaro (his motorcycle being in the shop) to go work at the Dark Horse Golf Course near Auburn. His family said he had overslept and was late for work. A CHP officer reported seeing a similar car traveling at a higher rate of speed the posted limit on Interstate 80 east of Highway 49, but did not attempt to pull the driver over. No comment was given by the officer regarding his decision not to make a traffic stop.
Reynolds was supposed to pick up his girlfriend (since he had borrowed her car) at 5 p.m. Friday but never showed up.

-News 10-
Roseville Police Department spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther says authorities have recovered what appears to be the body of a Roseville teen missing since last Friday.
Late Monday afternoon a Cal Trans crew spotted pieces of what appeared to be a blue car and then a car door, which led to a vehicle submerged in water off State Route 49, near Street Road in Nevada County. The crash site is a few miles west of Lake of the Pines. The California Highway Patrol and the Nevada County Sheriff's Department's dive rescue team responded to the scene. Several hours later, crews pulled up the vehicle, a blue Chevrolet Camaro with a license plate matching the vehicle operated by missing 19-year-old William Reynolds. Inside of the Camaro was a body carrying Reynolds' identification.
William Reynolds' family and a numerous search crew, including detectives from the Roseville Police Department, and CHP helicopters had been searching for him in the area for four days, were nearby the site of the crash at the time of the recovery.
Family members reported Reynolds missing to the Roseville Police Department on Friday. He was last seen at approximately 6:30 a.m. Friday, when he left his residence in Roseville, in his girlfriend's blue Chevrolet Camaro, en route to work at Dark Horse Golf Course in the Auburn area. It was said he had overslept and was late for work. A CHP officer reported seeing a similar car traveling within the speed limit, but swerving erratically on Interstate 80 just east of Highway 49. There is no information, from the CHP officer at this time, for failing to pull the driver over. An investigation is being conducted.
The CHP's Grass Valley office is investigating what appears to be a single car, traffic-related fatality due to the driver, William Reynolds, falling asleep at the wheel. An autopsy is being conducted which will determine probable cause.

-News 10-

My friend, William Vincent Alexander Reynolds, was an amazing guy. He was a body builder and a talented musician, and had a wonderful smile. Those teeth were so beautiful. He had every girl tripping in their shoes! His smile and his love was to his family and his girlfriend Erica. He fell in love with her on the first date! I was with them on my sister's birthday. I sat by Erica and she sat next to William. We had a great time laughing and joking. I know so many stories about this wonderful guy that I think he is still with us, till this day and forever!

Thank you, Jen, for posting your feelings and thoughts about our Will.

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